I can't understand it all
I'll just accept what I know
I'll leave it up to you to care for my heart
I'm not enough of a lady

I'll let the truth come after the me
I can't look after your heart
My eyes shone with tiredness
I couldn't erase your tears
There was no other way it could be

Our memories of each other will fade
In the time we first confronted each other
But the love and tenderness reamins
It just took a different path

My heart aches through the long nights
Today is another day of pain too
You walk past and don't sit down
Seeing that makes me even sadder

I can't stop the long days of heartache
I try to hide how much I miss you
But when I see your smile
I realise that I want you and shouldn't have left

If the pain leaves, we can do it
Time passes slowly
Someday we'll have the sadness together
The endless night is disappearing
But still my look of yearning remains
And yet we try to blame time

We turned and left on that path of dreams
We'll wait with our hearts stopped
The vane points to tears of separation
Sometimes we can't find each other
Love will stay like that

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